• 2019.09-2021.02  MA Digital Direction, Royal College of Art (UK)
                                               Elective: Decomputation, got excellent in collaboration
  • 2016.04-2016.08  Art & Design (exchange program), Monash University (Australia)
                                               Exploring transdisciplinary Courses: Branding, Digital Processes, Drawing, and Product Interface Design


  • 2022.07-09  PIXEL DIARY, Pop-Up Exhibition in Sanlian Taofen Bookstore, Chengdu, China
  • 2022.03-04  LONDON FLOWERS, Yiiie’s Eighth Exhibition: On the right of the left, Chengdu, China
  • 2021.11-2022.01  LONDON FLOWERS, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (during JiMei x Arles International Photo Festival). Xiamen, China
  • 2021.07-  THE LITTLE O’S WORLD & PIXEL DIARY, RCA Digital Direction Graduation Exhibition 2021, UK (online)
  • 2021.07  MELANCHOLY, RCA School of Architecture Graduate Show 2021, London, UK (collaboration)
  • 2021.07-  THE DREAM WINDOW NEAR MY BED, RCA Jewellery & Metal Graduation Exhibition 2021, UK (online, collaboration)
  • 2021.02-  THE LITTLE O’S WORLD, MADD Show 2021, UK (online) 
  • 2020.07-  DRAWING OF CHOREOGRAPHY, RCA Illustration Graduate Exhibition 2020, UK (online, collaboration)
  • 2020.06  THE DOG, Immersive Adventures WIP Show 2020, UK (online, collaboration)
  • 2019.11  LIVE PERFORMANCE, ‘Situation Now’ Performance Night, London, UK 


  • First prize scholarship (three times)
  • Excellent study scholarship (five times)
  • The first and second prizes of the 8th National Aesthetic Education Competition
  • The second and third prizes of the 9th National Aesthetic Education Competition
  • Outstanding Graduate
  • First Prize of Debate Competition in Academy
    Exchange Program
  • A scholarship prize for excellence

Chunling Wu ☺

A digital director and visual designer. Works include cross-media narrative, interactive installations, moving image, visual communication design, sound making, architectural design and place-making. She was educated at the Royal College of Art (UK) and Monash University (Australia).


Digital director & visual designer. Works ︎cross-media narrative, interactive installations ︎, moving image, visual communication design, sound making, architectural design and place-making  ︎.